Writer’s block can affect any writer in any field, and when it hits, it can leave you feeling helpless before impending deadlines. Even if you’re not a writer, you’ve probably still felt the cold sweat of trying to write, but finding that inspiration doesn’t come.

Mounting a defense against writer’s block is as simple as planning ahead. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike! Find it in these places:

The news

Writing about current events is a great way to keep an audience, no matter what the format of your blog may be. Find new developments in your field, and put your own unique twist on them.


Like the news, advertising is always being updated to reflect what’s going on with the public. This gives you a window into the thoughts and desires of prospective audiences.

You can also visit online merchants to see what products are being sold or promoted.

The competition

If you want the edge over your competitors, you should watch what they’re doing and how well they’re doing it. Find out what topics their blogs are covering and cover them yourself, but from a different angle. This gives readers more blogs to follow, and they just might follow yours.

Your own writing

This may sound counterintuitive, but your own writing can be a powerful source of inspiration. If you’ve written about a particular topic or issue and you find it in the news again, take some of your old writings and see if you can make them fresh and exciting again. Don’t just recycle old material, but actually reframe it in today’s light.

In the information age, writer’s block isn’t a lack of ideas. In most cases, it’s an overabundance of ideas that you stop noticing because it’s always there.

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