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Crisis Management

In the wake of any crisis, proper management and execution is key to being able to exiting the other side and surviving another fiscal year. You cannot simply rely on untrained spokespeople or a green PR staff. No matter the situation you are facing, Omni Public has a dedicated team of crisis experts that are ready to guide your through the storm and ensure your safe arrival to the calm. The time to plan for a crisis is not when one occurs. If you don’t have a contingency plan, or multiple, it is time to get to work.

Preparing for a crisis not only helps you side-step potential issues, but also gives you a blueprint on what to do if something were to arise. The crisis team at Omni Public will work with you hands-on to get a deep understanding of your business climate and the type of issues that need to be planned for. This proven method allows for joint collaboration and ultimately being able to achieve a step-by-step checklist of actions.

In addition to planning, Omni Public can represent your company during times of crisis. Our experts become part of your team and manage the entire process, taking care of all aspects from press conferences to campaign reconciliation. If you need assistance preparing for a crisis, or are in the thick of something now, call Omni Public today.

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