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Media Planning

The majority of companies without an internal marketing or advertising team approaches media planning like this – put some content out into the media and hope something sticks. Omni Public thinks there is a better way of going about your media campaigns. We have a team of experts ready to assist in creating a media plan best suited for you – whether through online, social or traditional media outlets.

When Omni Public is brought in to provide experience in media planning, we will take a close look into your corporate structure, your company’s voice and your target audience. From there, a media campaign is crafted and executed to provide you the best results and ROI.

Many companies are unsure in how to interact with a social media audience, or simply do not have one at all. This is a key area in today’s market, as there is becoming a financial shift to a younger millennial buyer. Omni Public understands the importance of social media and can assist in building a social presence. We will give you the tools to keep this presence sustainable and untap new customers. In addition to social, we also believe there is importance in traditional media outlets and encourage our customers to attack several mediums. We can assist in media buying and advertising placement, as well.

If you are ready to amp up your next media campaign, you must properly plan the process from start to finish before engagement. Contact the experts at Omni Public today and see how we can raise you above your competition.

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