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Media Relations & Press Releases

When it comes to dealing with the media, you need an expert on your side. Someone you can trust and who has your best interests in mind. Omni Public has extensive knowledge and experience on the media and how to best utilize it for your advantage. Whether you are needing to tell people about an upcoming event or product, or help shed some light on a situation, Omni Public is here to make sure dealing with the media is a smooth process.

The media doesn’t always have your best interests at heart so it is important to understand the best way to navigate through various platforms. Whether you are looking to launch a new social campaign, alert the public via press releases to news sources or prepare for press conferences, Omni Public has a dedicated team that is ready to help you through your campaign. We have specialists in the area of crafting press releases to ensure your story gets the attention it deserves. There is also a team of experts that will help you launch and retain a successful social media campaign. For personal interaction with the media directly, whether interviews or press conferences, Omni Public can help train and prepare you or manage the media on your behalf.

By properly utilizing the media as a resource, you can create a new outlet to attract new customers. If you are ready to begin a new campaign, or have media engagement on your calendar, contact Omni Public today for a consultation.

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