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Public Speaking

Anyone who represents a business, whether a PR expert addressing the media or a salesperson delivering a client meeting, should be trained in the art of public speaking. Public speaking can make or break the image a company is trying to create or maintain. Through speech writing, hands on training and personal development, Omni Public can empower public speakers to have the confidence to deliver an eloquent message.

Working hands on, in one-on-one or group environments, Omni Public delivers real-world training to help build confidence and acumen when faced with a public speaking situation. Our team of speaking experts is available ready to help propel media and customer facing employees into better forms of public speaking, giving them the ability to grasp an audience’s attention and maintain their attention throughout the message. This will drive sales and keep your brand in a positive public light.

Omni Public incorporates a strategic method or speech training to ensure any public speaker is prepared and confident to take the stage, even if that stage is a client’s boardroom. Through hands-on training and personal consultation, we are ready to help speakers shine. Contact us today for your consultation.

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