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Advocacy Consulting

Advocacy is an important part of each business’ makeup, no matter the industry. Whether you need to advocate to your state legislation to revise a regulation or are creating a fundraising campaign, Omni Public is here to provide the support you need.

Omni Public has the experience you need going to bat against a civic entity. We have a dedicated team of government experts ready to prepare you through research, document creation and speech writing. Working with you hand-on, we research the issues and create an action plan to establish your needs and how they can become achieved. We have a proven track record with solid results.

Often times the hardest thing to do in business is launch successful fundraising campaigns. The team of advocacy experts at Omni Public use a systematic approach to fundraising to ensure that all possible outlets are taken advantage of. By tapping into our existing relationships, we align the best groups and people to generate a proper campaign and achieve top results.

Advocacy is an important part of business, no matter the purpose. Let Omni Public help get you the results you need. Call us today so we can become the partner you need.

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