Success in digital marketing is measured in conversions. The more visits to your website that result in transactions taking place, the more successful your website is.

But how do you get this point? It’s easier said than done. Follow these tips to increase your conversion rate:


Follow the numbers


Like any other marketing activity, digital advertising can either attract or repel potential clients. But a caveat to digital advertising is that you won’t always know which is happening if you don’t look at the numbers.

Did you notice a sudden spike in your conversion rate after using a certain ad? Did your conversion rate drop? These are the things to watch for when using digital ads.


Use good judgment


There are general aesthetic principles you can follow when choosing which ads to show visitors. A successful ad is creative, interesting, and visually appealing. An unsuccessful ad may be boring or overly flashy. Exercise good taste when choosing ads.


Use keywords to your advantage


While you may want to cast a wide net, targeting users that are not looking for your product will drive down your conversion rate. This can happen if your keywords are too vague. Keywords that are too specific, on the other hand, can cause your ads to miss their targets.

To find the right balance, try different keywords and see which ones get the results you want.


Make your ads mobile-friendly


The more mobile-friendly your website is, the more traffic you’ll get, guaranteed. But this principle is especially important for advertisements, because visual information is the most likely to be lost when running on a mobile device. Take the time to optimize your website for a mobile experience, and you’ll see the benefits.

Digital advertising can be a frustrating venture because there’s less immediate feedback. However, it’s one of the most effective ways to reach prospective clients. Experiment, track your results, and be patient. Digital advertising pays off!

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