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The Challenge

Our Approach

Our Outcomes

The Challenge:

The State of Florida had no state statute or regulatory framework to support E Scooters.

Our mission was to help launch Bird Scooters into the Florida market.

Why they are a big deal:

Bird made American history by reaching a billion dollar valuation in under 7 months and was crowned startup of the year by INC in 2019. Yet, in order to support such growth they need to open up markets with warm weather year round.

Our team positioned Bird to enter the Florida market through securing demonstration projects throughout Tampa Bay and helping craft state regulations for the entire micro mobility market.

“Omni Public navigated government regulation so that we can reach our policy objectives and successfully deploy our technology”. 

— Matt Kopko

Former National Policy Director of Bird

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Our Approach:

The team at Bird needed to establish themselves in the Florida market.

Our aim was to work on securing pilot programs with governments in Florida while working with the state legislature on a statewide regulatory framework.

We first engaged with Cities that were interested in using existing state statutes through a special provision clause in order to develop a micro mobility program.

In parallel to that we began working to craft a statewide regulatory framework.

Our Focus:

  • PEngage with cities and counties to secure pilot programs in Tampa Bay
  • PSecure a statewide regulatory framework
  • PSecure Public Private Partnerships and agreements with special districts

Our Outcomes:

The Omni Public Government Relations team led by founder Cesar R. Hernandez was successful in providing interference and helped create a statewide regulatory framework. Our team then Secured a pilot program in Tampa , passed a County Wide pilot program, Opened the market in St. Pete and in Clearwater .


The pilot programs were so successful that Tampa Mayor Jane Castor openly discussed the value of micro mobility in the City of Tampa.

“With how much our city is growing, it just doesn’t make sense to get back in your car and find a new parking spot, especially if you’re just traveling a few blocks. E-scooters are a great option for these short trips, and I am thrilled to see our community embracing these types of micromobility solutions.”

Tampa Mayor, Jane Castor 

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