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Omni Public’s Public affairs work combines government relations, media communications, issue management, corporate and social responsibility, information dissemination and strategic communications advice. We are dedicated to advising our clients and are fearless advocates for technology, mobility and social equity. Our aim is to build and maintain a strong reputation and find common ground with stakeholders and credible actors for our clients.

What We Do

Advocacy Consulting

Advocacy is an important part of each business’ makeup, no matter the industry. Whether you need to advocate to for legislation to revise a regulation or are creating a fundraising campaign, Omni Public is here to provide the support you need.

Omni Public has the experience you need to work with a civic entity. We have a dedicated team of policy experts ready to prepare you through research, document creation and speech writing. Working with you hand-on, we research the issues and create an action plan to establish your needs and how they can become achieved. We have a proven track record with solid results.

Often times the hardest thing to do in business is launch successful fundraising campaigns. The team of advocacy experts at Omni Public use a systematic approach to fundraising to ensure that all possible outlets are taken advantage of. By tapping into our existing relationships, we align the best groups and people to generate a proper campaign and achieve top results. 

Advocacy is an important part of business, no matter the purpose. Let Omni Public help get you the results you need. Call us today so we can become the partner you need.

Innovation Policy

Innovation policy is the interface between research and technological development policy and industrial policy and aims to create a conducive framework for bringing ideas to market. The Omni Public team has developed an expertise in the implementation of disruptive technology while being sensitive to the communities it is being introduced in.

During the last two to three decades policy-makers have increasingly became concerned about the role of innovation for economic performance and, more recently, for the solution of challenges that arise. The view that policy may have a role in supporting innovation has become widespread, and the term innovation policy has become commonly used.

Our team is vertical agnostic when it comes to innovation policy and we are ready to define our client’s industry with them.

Issue & Social Campaign Development

Creating campaigns takes strategic thought and vast knowledge across industry channels. Omni Public has an experienced team ready to help generate and execute all styles of issue and social campaigns to help steady and build your brand. Utilizing multiple platforms and media, we help you penetrate the market and launch successful campaigns, no matter the business segment – from research to inception to reconciliation and reporting. If you have a new social campaign to work through, make sure you have an expert on your side.

Omni Public takes a hands-on approach when developing issue and social campaigns for our clients. We think there are 4 major topics to hit to properly plan and execute any campaign: Set a Goal, Define the Message, Create a Timeline and Develop Communications. By following our proven method, our clients have launched and reaped the reward of successful campaigns, and your business can too.

Omni Public is ready to partner with you and help you develop and execute your next social campaign. We are ready to get our hands dirty alongside of you. Contact us today so that we may begin providing our unique experience and expertise with your company and provide you the results you deserve.

Grassroots Engagement

Grassroots marketing has always been one of the best ways to reach the masses and create positive and measurable results. Omni Public has the experience and strategy needed to launch a grassroots campaign and target a specific demographic to ensure traction toward your goal. Following our step-by-step process allows us to research and develop the best plan and execute a strategy to deliver results. 

Grassroots engagement is the most basic form of marketing but can be highly effective. The idea is to start small and generate a message as you grow the campaign. Our methods start at the ground-level, utilizing practices such as focus groups and surveys to find out what a targeted portion of your overall demographic is interested in. From there, Omni Public and its team has the ability to extrapolate data and create a message that will better appeal to the larger masses in the form of a true marketing and advertising campaign. 

For additional information on how grassroots engagement may work for you, or to hear some real-world examples and case studies of success, contact Omni Public today.

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