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Omni Public advises organizations on high-level decisions in an unbiased fashion, using deep industry knowledge to deliver the best results. It is a type of Management Consulting, which generally implies advising at the highest-level of a company. We have worked with some of the top startups in the U.S and advised some of the brightest minds in the world.

What We Do


Business Development

Growth is essential to any business and to truly benefit you must convert prospects into customers. Because Omni Public knows that not all clients are good clients, a systematic approach has been engineered to help you in your business development, finding the best fit. Rather than just creating new clients, Omni Public creates new partnerships that are beneficial to parties.  

By utilizing an extensive professional network, Omni Public can help companies nurture new relationships across many business verticals. Leveraging relationships and gathering referrals is the best way to attract and keep new customers. Omni Public has established a series of key relationships across civic, government and professional industries and is the referral system that can help your company drive new business. 

In addition, Omni Public helps to dive deep into the product or service you offer and use this information to ensure the best demographic is being targeted. By understanding metrics, markets and target audience, your company can drive business and grow above your competition, all through Omni Public’s analytics system.

If you are ready to experience true growth and build long-lasting partnerships, let Omni Public formulate the best business development plan, tailored to your business structure and industry needs.

Marketing, Branding and Brand Management

The most important concept about any business is their brand. Whether you have a strong brand already, or are in need of rebranding, Omni Public ensures that your standards are withheld so that the integrity of your image stay intact. Our services range from marketing and helping to establish your public image all the way to creating a set of brand standards and management for them. Your brand is sort of like a secret recipe – for the best results, you need to follow it and get it right every time.

If your company does not have a dedicated marketing division, Omni Public can fill that gap, as well. We can assist in one-off projects or step in and be an outsourced solution to all of your marketing and branding needs. Small business can extend a larger footprint by follow our marketing business model.

By working hands-on with your company, our marketing specialists research to understand the ins and outs of your company, industry and target demographic. Omni Public believes in creating partnerships rather than new clients. Our process ensures that happens. Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you with your marketing needs.

People First

In an age where technology is rapidly changing the face of our world, Omni Public likes to bring it back to the basics. By putting people first, Omni Public is able to build true partnerships – rather than your typical customer/provider relationship. Having a partnership ensures that both parties’ best interests are realized, and at the end of the day, wouldn’t you rather deal with a person than another computer interface?

Building relationships with customers is key to any business’ success. By working with Omni Public, it feels like you are bringing on an extension of your internal team, not just someone to contract work. This allows for a more intimate understanding of business needs and drives results.

Omni Public has a proven track record that furthers the instinct that a people first approach is the best way to conduct business. If you are tired of doing things the same old way and getting the same old results, maybe it’s time you try something new and go back to the basics. Contact Omni Public today and find out how working with an innovative company that prides itself on relationships can positively impact your business goals.

Targeted Interactions

Omni Public can help to identify key players that will have a role in helping you launch, excel and finish a project or campaign. This is important to you because building strategic relationships not only help you in the present but can exist throughout many future needs. With an extensive knowledge across multiple business verticals, and the ability to leverage existing relationships, Omni Public can ensure fruitful relationships are built. 

One of the biggest reasons that businesses fail is due to lack of customers – and that isn’t always because of a lackluster product or service. If you are exhausting time, energy and money into calling on, advertising to and building relationships with the wrong audience your true growth and earning potential will never be realized. Omni Public is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. An experienced team is ready to help you analyze the marketplace and competition and custom fit a plan for more targeted interactions which will attract the demographic best fit for you. 

It’s time you narrow your funnel and target the right audience. The right audience means the best results. Omni Public is ready to be your partner through the process and help in your success.

Innovation/Disruption Planning

If you are comfortable you aren’t growing. Staying stagnant is one of the most devastating things a business can do. Helping businesses break that cycle is one of the things Omni Public does best. While most would call changing your process innovation, Omni Public likes to refer to it as disruption planning. It’s pretty simple, actually. How do you disrupt your current cycle and illicit true change?

At Omni Public, we believe that you must be constantly evolving so that you can stay relevant with an ever-changing marketplace. The face of consumers is changing. If you haven’t adapted to target a Millennial audience, it is only a matter of time before you begin to see a decline in business. This is where disruption planning comes in. Omni Public will analyze your business and market to determine where you need to bring innovation. 

Innovation, or disrupting your current habits should be cyclical. Omni Public, using an extensive background of experience, can help your company determine the best disruption cycle for your business. 

If it is time for you get back to the cutting edge of your industry and lead the forefront of innovation, Omni Public can help to disrupt your business cycle and take you to the next level.

Market Research

Knowing your market, whether you are selling goods or a service, is what brings companies into success and raises them above their competition. Omni Public helps businesses understand their market and reap financial rewards. 

In a business landscape that is already overpopulated with overlapping solutions, the best way to stand out is to offer added value on top of the service or goods you offer. Omni Public’s team of marketing research professionals can provide you a template for success. By executing a variety of strategies during a market research campaign, you can rest assured that all facets are covered. Examples of this are metrics research, competitive analysis and focus groups. Focus groups work extremely well in finding out what is important to your existing and potential customer base, and ultimately allows for extra value to be built in naturally. 

There is a certain level of excitement when, as a business, you have that “ah-ha” moment and unlock the secrets to dominating your marketplace. Omni Public has had the pleasure of achieving and sharing those moments with countless clients. We are ready to assist you in creating the best market research campaign and bringing that excitement to you. Call us today to find out more and begin truly knowing your fiscal environment. 

Growth Analysis

Every business wants to grow, but growth without a road map is sort of like driving across the country without turning on your GPS. By analyzing your current business practices and trends, Omni Public is able to provide you a targeted road map to assist you in a swift and safe arrival to your goal. Not only does this help to target the metrics that are most important to your business’s development, it also ensures that you are growing in the right direction. 

Understanding metrics is key to establishing where a business is succeeding or falling short. By taking a comprehensive look into historical and current reporting, or even helping to establish company relevant metrics, Omni Public can benchmark any set of business analytics and drive growth. Through proper analysis, Omni Public can also set up additional metrics, as needed, to ensure that growth becomes sustainable.

Whether you are looking to drive market share, sales volume, custom retention or your overall footprint, Omni Public has a solution for you. If you are ready to unlock a tailored road map to plot out your destination and journey, let our experts at Omni Public help you maximize your potential for growth and earnings. 

Competitive Analysis

The marketplace is cluttered with companies offering the same goods and services and it can sometimes be difficult to stand out amongst the competition. It is no different in your market. Omni Public believes that one of the best ways to shine brighter than the rest is to fully understand your competitors. Through strategic competitive analysis, Omni Public can hone in on your areas of excellence and those in which need some attention. By doing so, you will be able to have an overhead view of your company and begin to make the improvements needed to boost your bottom line.

Competitive analysis covers everything from finances to product offerings to customer satisfaction. When you enlist Omni Public to come in for a full competitive analysis, no stone is left unturned. We start with your business and benchmark it against other successful business. Once we have you figured out, it is time to start looking closely at your competition to see what successes you are up against. As insightful as this information is, we believe the best learning comes from corporate shortcomings. Omni Public investigates customer satisfaction, in addition to corporations. By finding out what buyers liked and disliked about an interaction, whether your customer or the competition’s, we can strategize how to overcome these shortcomings and create a plan for success.

Do you know who your competition is? Do you know how you compare to them? If you answered no to either of these questions, call Omni Public today to gain better insight into your market and create a game plan that will help you outshine your competition. 

Virtual Strategy

By utilizing practices of business analytics and workflow, Omni Public helps businesses better understand their marketplace and allows leaders to make real-time decisions to positively affect their bottom line. We give executives the power to make decisions about any area of their business within minutes and have a proven track record of results.

Omni Public, using proprietary algorithms, is able to utilize company metrics and processes to establish a baseline of information about a business. This information can be utilized to see sales trends, competitive data, operational and inventory management issues and a number of other useful insights so that the best decisions can be made in a moment’s notice. With the ease of information that Omni Public is able to provide, your company will have a competitive advantage over your competition.

If you are ready to fully grasp your business as a whole, and better your footing in your unique marketplace, Omni Public will take you to new levels. By providing insights to all facets of your business, you will have the information needed to make sound business decision and drive revenue. Contact us today to get started.

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