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Public Relations is an area of business that is often overlooked by companies. Whether you feel your company is too small for a PR department or you let a marketing team handle these aspects, Omni Public is here to tell you that it is time for you to have a dedicated Public Relations specialist on board for you. Omni Public has the expertise in PR to be a dedicated outside resource for you, all while feeling like an extension of your internal team.

Whether you are looking to create a PR campaign around a product launch or are in the midst of a disaster and need crisis management assistance, Omni Public has you covered. We are public relations experts and have established a team of specialists for all areas of PR. When you enlist Omni Public as your trusted Public Relations partner, we take it seriously and perform as a member of your team. We have your best interests in mind every time we bring something to the media market.

Leveraging our media relationships and an amalgam of strategies from high-profile media events to carefully researched and tailored pitching, we generate high-value media outcomes in mainstream and industry media with news events, news releases, media kits, and pitching. If you are in need of a PR specialist but not sure where to start, call Omni Public today to find out how we can partner with you.

What We Do


Media Relations & Press Releases

When it comes to dealing with the media, you need an expert on your side. Someone you can trust and who has your best interests in mind. Omni Public has extensive knowledge and experience on the media and how to best utilize it for your advantage. Whether you are needing to tell people about an upcoming event or product, or help shed some light on a situation, Omni Public is here to make sure dealing with the media is a smooth process. 

It is important to understand the best way to navigate through various platforms. Whether you are looking to launch a new social campaign, alert the public via press releases to news sources or prepare for press conferences, Omni Public has a dedicated team that is ready to help you through your campaign. We have specialists in the area of crafting press releases to ensure your story gets the attention it deserves. For personal interaction with the media directly, whether interviews or press conferences, Omni Public can help train and prepare you or manage the media on your behalf.

By properly utilizing the media as a resource, you can create a new outlet to attract new customers. If you are ready to begin a new campaign, or have media engagement on your calendar, contact Omni Public today for a consultation.

Strategic Media Relations

When it comes to dealing with the media and creating a strategic media campaign, nobody does it better than Omni Public. We are highly experienced in strategic media relations and creating an outline for success. The first step of planning for any media relations strategy is identifying your demographic. Omni Public researches your product or service and helps you determine the best audience to target. Once your audience has been determined, it is time to outline how exactly to reach them.

 Media consists of print, television, radio, social and public forums. Omni Public has experts across all areas, ensuring your best message is given and heard. We believe in a mix of media outlets to achieve best results for a campaign, but know how important each medium is within the market. Omni Public will work with your internal leadership and marketing team to ensure your voice is heard, and your message stays true. 

Strategic media relations is a highly important aspect of a company’s marketing plan. Even if you have an internal team in place to handle marketing and social media, it is a good idea to consult with an expert to ensure a successful campaign and gain an outside view. Call Omni Public today to find out more about our strategic media relations services and how we can become a trusted partner for you.

Media Planning

The majority of companies without an internal marketing or advertising team approaches media planning like this – put some content out into the media and hope something sticks. Omni Public thinks there is a better way of going about your media campaigns. We have a team of experts ready to assist in creating a media plan best suited for you – whether through online, social or traditional media outlets. 

When Omni Public is brought in to provide experience in media planning, we will take a close look into your corporate structure, your company’s voice and your target audience. From there, a media campaign is crafted and executed to provide you the best results.

Many companies are unsure in how to interact with a social media audience, or simply do not have one at all. This is a key area in today’s market, as there is becoming a financial shift to a younger millennial buyer. Omni Public understands the importance of social media and can assist in building a social presence. We will give you the tools to keep this presence sustainable and untap new customers. In addition to social, we also believe there is importance in traditional media outlets and encourage our customers to attack several mediums. We can assist in media buying and advertising placement, as well.

If you are ready to ramp up your next media campaign, you must properly plan the process from start to finish before engagement. Contact the experts at Omni Public today and see how we can raise you above your competition.

Social Media

Without a social media presence, businesses will fail in today’s marketplace. Social media is changing the face of communication and information disbursement. Omni Public has a team of experts that can help to create and execute a social media strategy that will not only bring positive attention, but also create a line of open communication between business and consumer. Omni Public is skilled across all platforms of social media and can help to determine which best fits your company’s culture and marketplace.

Social media marketing is twofold. Campaigns can either be created organically to drive conversation and gain followers or through a series of paid sponsorships. One way isn’t better than the other, in fact, here at Omni Public, we believe a healthy mix of both is the best approach. The important thing to understand is that followers turn into customers. In addition, based on the nature of social media having a presence worldwide, we can help your company attract clients outside of your traditional business footprint. 

If you aren’t already utilizing social media in your targeted marketing strategy, it’s time to get an expert on board and streamline the process. Contact us today to find out more.

Thought Leadership

By being innovators in thought leadership, Omni Public can provide you answers to your most burning questions. This practice allows a deep look into business operations to truly understand client’s needs and partner with them to better define strategy, target markets, growth and internal communication. By using thought leadership, Omni Public will be able to help you better market your company and reach an untapped customer base. 

Omni Public is an industry leader when it comes to developing growth and business innovation plans based on internal and external company research. By investigating existing metrics, setting benchmarks, researching target demographics and working hands-on with company leadership, a plan of action is created to outline a no-fail system to achieve business goals. 

Omni Public uses this information to strategically target new customers and blend the relationship between company and consumer. This innovative marketing practice ensures results and will drive your company to higher achievement. Thought leadership, in most cases, is the perfect tool to outshine the competition in your primary marketplace. To find out more about how we can partner with you, contact us today. Our team of experts is ready to help you succeed.

Product Launch

Every day, hundreds of companies launch thousands of new products – and most fail, due to poorly planned new product launches that are neither cost effective nor successful in reaching potential customers.

The consulting team at Omni Public can help you build brand awareness and loyalty through techniques like experiential marketing, which has become one of the most popular and effective ways to generate buzz around your product or services, with the goal of giving customers a positive brand experience they will remember when they are ready to buy.

Experiential marketing is especially effective when it can reach individuals with a significant online presence and a large following – widely-known and trusted influencers in your industry.  These people can be key to creating buzz and generating interest in your new product launch, particularly if they are known for giving thoughtful, thorough reviews.  Free trials can also generate buzz by encouraging the public to share their experience on social media with dedicated keywords and hashtags. 

No matter what you’re trying to launch, we’ll survey the landscape, collect information, and advise you on the best methods and timing for your release no matter the vertical.

Latin Outreach and Communications

For many companies, the Latino community is a completely untapped market – domestically and throughout Central America. Whether there is a communication barrier or you simply do not know how to attract that specific demographic, Omni Public here to help. Our bilingual Latin Outreach team specializes in attracting the Latino customer to your business through a series of targeted marketing campaigns and honest communication. We understand the buying habits and needs of the demographic and can help you tailor a solution to fit. 

Central America is a region that can offer much growth potential to many American companies. Omni Public helps you get your product and brand to the forefront of buyers in these Latin countries. From creating multilingual advertisements, press releases and marketing campaigns, we are a full-service solution to attracting the new market.

Omni Public can also act as a communication conduit once new customers are acquired. This can assist with email blasts and general customer service needs. If you have been unsure how to tap into the Latino community and are ready to drive business to new heights, Omni Public is ready to become your trusted partner. Contact us today to discuss how we can grow your company and service footprint. 

Spokesperson Training

One of the most important decisions a business has to make is who they deem the face of the business – the person they place out into the public eye. Omni Public has the experience and expertise to train spokespeople to have charisma, charm and present themselves the very best each time they are in the spotlight. Our hands-on training helps to eliminate mishaps and anything else that can distract customers from business. 

By utilizing a team experienced professional, Omni Public will train spokespeople and mold them into someone who exudes the persona your company wishes to spread into the mainstream. If you are in need of a spokesperson, whether temporarily or for an extended time, we can assist in talent acquisition – finding someone with the best experience and personality traits to represent your brand.

If you have a spokesperson, or are putting one into place, proper training is vital to the success of your program. Ensuring the person representing your brand has the best character and personality traits will ultimately ensure your success in the public eye. Omni Public should be your go-to consultant for training and talent acquisition. Contact us today and setup your consultation. 

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