Common Social Media Myths

by | Dec 23, 2020 | Insights

It’s no secret that social media is taking over the world.

Maybe not literally, but definitely in the sense of how people communicate and definitely how businesses are starting to market and advertise. Social media has gotten a bad reputation in years past and some myths have come up that we need to go ahead and debunk right now. Here are three of the biggest myths about social media.

Social media metrics don’t matter.

False. Your community of followers (if you don’t have any you need to go get some) absolutely care about the content you post. You can easily determine your success with this by reviewing your post metrics. Metrics allow you to see who is interacting with you, how often and what your footprint is. All of these help you better determine the voice you wish to represent your company with and how you wish your customer base to view you. Online interaction is part of the experience and if you aren’t allowing that to happen at a high level, your competition is.

Your customers aren’t buying from social media.

Sure, consumers aren’t buying directly from social media outlets, but 75% of people stated that they made a purchase of a good or service based upon some sort of social media influence. That could be a sponsored ad, a positive review or genuine interaction with a company. 

If I’m on one, I have to be on the all.

This just simply is not the case. If a platform doesn’t make sense for your brand, you certainly don’t have to use it. Pick and choose the best platforms to help get your message across and put your energy there. It is better to have one or two really solid social media accounts than to have five that live in mediocrity.

With some of the myths busted, you should seriously consider boosting your social media presence if you haven’t already. Social media can be a tough thing to tackle and manage and if need be, get an expert involved. To find out more myths about social media, or to get help establishing a social marketing plan, contact Omni Public today.

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