Tips for Improving Relations with Your Clients

by | Jan 6, 2021 | Insights

No matter the industry, clients are the bedrock of your business. You can’t substitute innovative projects, brilliant marketing campaigns, or even low prices for a loyal and satisfied client.

Be honest and authentic

You don’t have to share company secrets, but the more your clients understand the way your business works, the more they’ll trust you, especially when there’s a problem or misunderstanding.

To put clients at ease, use plain language and avoid business jargon. Don’t be afraid to be real with your clients.

Take an interest in your clients as people

Depending on the nature of your work, you may have opportunities to chat with your clients. If you can remember details about their personal lives that they’ve shared with you, it shows them that you care.

Ask how their families and careers are going. If they talk to you about problems at work or at home, follow up to see if they’re doing better. Don’t pry into their private affairs, but when they volunteer information, feel free to talk about it in a way that makes the client comfortable. It’s not all business, all the time.

Address concerns in a timely manner

If there’s one time to go above and beyond, it’s when a client has a problem or concern, especially if there’s a dispute of some kind. A quick response leaves a lasting impression, and can even turn an angry client into a satisfied one in some cases.

Above all, never miss an opportunity to make your clients feel appreciated. A loyal client is hard to come by, but easy to take for granted.

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