Public Affairs in Marketing

by | Jan 6, 2020 | Insights

Every industry is affected by public affairs, and marketing is no exception.


A successful marketing campaign may influence public opinion, but to be successful, marketing strategies must be informed by public opinion. In marketing as well as public affairs, one must follow if one is to lead.

Laws and policies that govern communication are not static, either. An important component of public affairs work is anticipating changes in public policy that may have an impact on your company’s interests.

Public affairs work can help your marketing campaigns be:



  • Relevant. Good marketing recognizes trends. Great marketing predicts them. Without a strong involvement in public affairs, you can expect your company to lag behind its competitors, even if the product or service you’re selling is just as good as theirs.
  • Legal. It goes without saying that your marketing campaign shouldn’t break the law. Plagiarism and false advertising are blatantly illegal activities that can harm the public and disgrace a marketing firm. But what about laws that aren’t on the books yet? Advertising regulations, for example, are often controversial. For this reason, it’s important that your company’s voice is heard when politicians and other key decision makers are considering new regulations that will impact the future of the field. Public affairs is crucial here, as it’s the bridge between those who make the decisions and those who are affected by them.
  • Ethical. A company can follow all applicable laws and still run afoul of ethics. For example, an advertisement may inflame racial tension, glamorize harmful behaviors, or perpetuate a common misconception without technically falling under the purview of false advertising. A company may be tempted to court controversy just to generate publicity for a failing brand. An honest company may simply fail to consider all the possible ways a piece of advertisement could affect an increasingly diverse marketplace. In both cases, knowledge of public affairs can help preserve the integrity and viability of a marketing firm.

Like public affairs, marketing requires diligent attention to changes in public opinion and policy. By employing the expertise of a public affairs professional, a marketing firm can greatly increase its chances of success in any industry.

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